Year 2 GP Trainee (ST2) Teaching Programme


In ST2, trainees will experience a mixture of placements, both hospital and community/GP-based.

To support this run two separate teaching programmes.

During one GP/GP+ post, trainees will attend a fortnightly communications skills course, run by an experienced Bolton-based group of GP Trainers.

During the whole year, all trainees will attend a fortnightly education session, which will feature a largely clinically-based set of topics with a focus on developing clinical excellence related to primary care.

Link to: 2020-2021 ST2 Structured Teaching Programme

Link to: 2020-2021 ST2 Communication Skills Course

Medical Statistics Resources

Link to 2017-18 Programme Medical Statistics Presentation

For the Mathematically Minded:

Link to Stats_Handout_2_(MEHDI_FARD_ST3)

For Non-Mathematicians:

Link to Stats_Handout_1_(PENDLETON)

Qualitative Research Methodology:

Link to Qualitative research methodology

Useful Links

Link to 2019 Antibiotic Guidance (GMMMG):

Link to When Should I Worry? – Advice Leaflet for Parents

Link to  Infection_control_in_schools guidance

Link to infection control in schools guidance poster:

Link to: Past ST2 Teaching