Communication Skills Training in ST2

During the second year of training Trainees attend Crompton Health Centre for a series of Communication Skills sessions. These take place during the ‘GP Plus’ post placement and run along side the ST2 Education sessions at the education centre. The sessions are arranged and delivered by Dr Julian Tomkinson

Trainee -Led Suggestions for Communication/Consultation Skills

2019-20 Dates for Communication Skills Sessions

For ST2 GP and GP PLUS post Trainees Aug 19 to Feb 20:

10th Sept, 24th Sept, 15th Oct, 29th Oct, 12th Nov, 26th Nov, 10th Dec, 14th Jan, 28th Jan

For ST2 GP and GP PLUS post Trainees Feb 20 to Aug 20:

11th Feb, 25th Feb, 10th Mar, 24th Mar, 21st Apr, 5th May, 19th May, 2nd June, 18th June, 30th June, 14th July

All sessions are at Crompton Health Centre and start at 2pm.

Location Details: